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We perform internal audits of efficiency, compliance, or strategy. We respect the Syntec Management charter.


We advise and support companies in difficulty or simply looking for areas of development.

Project Management

In order to define and follow the projects decided by the company, we offer our expertise in Project Management.


As part of our support actions, we carry out the training plan and monitor the performance of services.

Do you want to grow your business?

We study with you the various possibilities of actions and we accompany you in all phases of your projects.

Excerpts from the blog

We offer many articles on business development and download tools.

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Project management: 3 values ​​are enough to measure the progress !
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Brainstorming - Creative meetings to solve a problem !
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A major point of project management: risk management
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Develop a website. Prices and features
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Our clients

We assist SMEs and large accounts, private or public sector, in all phases of their development projects: Audit - Search solutions (Brainstorming) and business experts - Project Management and Assistance (AMOA) - Management change and training.

Examples of projects

  • Audit - SME 20 people - Lyon - 2560 €
  • Animation of a Brainstorming session - Paris - 490 €
  • Assistance with the implementation of an ERP - Strasbourg - 4760 €
  • Each project being unique, a personalized commercial proposal is made after a first framing interview.

    The head office

    6 Place Dumas de Loire - 69009 LYON - France
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